1. Making our way through the Anza Borrego Desert State Park in Southern California. 

    The days were warm but accented by a cool wind which would occasionally brew up sandstorms, which we’d see off in the distance.  At night the desert got quite cold, and it actually felt colder than it did when we were out in the mountains of Sequoia (Thank goodness for long underwear!).  We were also warmed by hearty meals of couscous, bacon, potatoes, freshly grilled onions and mushrooms.  If there was one thing we didn’t lack this trip, it was good food!  I was too hungry to even pause and take a photo of our camp meals.

    If you’ve never made a point to go out camping, gather some friends and go!  When we go, we go rough - The first night were literally on some boulders up in a desert canyon oasis, surrounded by palm trees.  It was cramped and the terrain was not the best for making a comfortable camp, but what a unique and mystical location it was.  There’s something awesome about the sound of flowing water in the middle of a parched wasteland.  If you’re not so interested in worrying about finding a good camp area, there are established campgrounds that will still give you an incredible outdoors experience, with the benefits of a bathroom and fire pit.  

  2. Playing around with some old shots from my trip to Japan in 2012.

  3. Backpacking in Sequoia National Park, California.  2013

    This was my first time on a multiday backpacking trip, and what an awesome experience it was!  The first night we hiked only 6 miles, but the uphill climb and the elevation (nearly 11k feet) made it seem 3 times that amount.  By the end of the day we were completely exhausted… I was so tired and drained from the elevation change that I could hardly eat.  

    Over the next few days we hiked down mountains, through forests, and in thunderstorms.  We rested in front of shimmering alpine lakes and in mountain meadows.  

    I think that there are few things more satisfying and nourishing for the mind and soul than venturing outdoors, and roughing it a little bit.  It’s satisfying to turn off the cell phone and get away from the conveniences we have every day and, even just for a little bit, experience the world as it is.  

  4. Here’s a short that I wrote and helped direct and edit for my motion picture production course at San Diego City College.  Making movies is fun!

    Featuring music from Perfect Blue and I Saw the Devil.

  5. For my USC film undergrad application I had to make a short film.  I wanted to do something whimsical, light and fun.  

  6. fake movie titles for my fake movies

  7. User “Gen_Hazard" on reddit said "if Jamie got in a crash which then fireballed, we all know that there’d be a shiny metal skeleton with glowing eyes climbing out of the wreck.”

    Myth: Confirmed

  8. Just completed this video for my friend Adrienne’s rave apparel line, Little Black Diamond.  Featured is the super skilled Kat D. Hoops! 

    I shot the video using a Canon 7D on a steadicam merlin, and although I’m getting better at using it, it definitely feels like the camera is too heavy for the stabilizer.  Anyway, enjoy!

  9. Sketchy mcsketchersons

  10. Doodles of Premium Oppa fans from a recent tinychat. The top middle girl is slowghost.tumblr.com, a very skilled artist!

  11. I shot a video of a very talented hoop dancer named Kat D. Hoops for my friend’s clothing line Little Black Diamond.  Check it out!

  12. We revisited our Champloo cosplay a couple months ago and Jeff did a photoshoot!  Check out his Facebook page for more really awesome photos of us.

  13. Just bought the awesome Photoshop brushpack from Frenden and am breaking them in…  Here’s a study after Yoji Shinkawa of Meryl from MGS.

  14. I have no idea

  15. Hey guys!  So PSY is holding this contest where the winner gets to be his personal chef for a month, go with him on his world tour, and also wins $40 grand.  I produced this video for my YouTube channel Premium Oppa to submit to the contest.  

    Unfortunately it’s one of those popularity things where view count matters, so if you could take 1 minute of your time to check out my video I’d be very grateful!  Thanks!