1. Ekoin's fire ceremony
    Moss covered graves
    Giant cedar at Okunoin
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi & his mother
    Buddhas getting water dashed on them
    Tea, and the view from my room
    Takeda Shingen and his son
    My room at Ekoin

    Journeys in Japan Pt 3 [cont.]

    More photos from Koyasan.

    Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos during the typhoon, which I kind of regret.  After the rain passed the mountain because shrouded in an incredibly thick mist that gave the place a really mystic feel, like something out of Princess Mononoke.  Koyasan was a beautiful place, but it was also lonely and I admit that after the first day I was wondering what I was doing there.  The ancient cedar trees, although stunning, felt almost like a barricade holding all that entered Koyasan inside.  

    [Next, photos from Kyoto!]

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